GTX 1630 is definitely stronger than GT 1030 Graphics Card

It's not a secret if GTX 1630 has been put one level under GTX 1650, but surely Nvidia has made this graphics card, even though weaker, as something budget gamers can get for their PC. And it seems that this GTX is the cheapest gpu powered with Turing architecture.

The Cuda Core it got maybe not that big, in fact, it's smaller than GTX 1650. Well you can see it actually with 512 instead of 896 that brought by GTX 1650.

It's already equipped with 4Gb DDR6 memory, but surely don't hope ever hope for significant bandwidth amount due to 64 bit bus. And the number is just half from GTX 1650. It may look crucial on the paper, but seeing it directly should be the best to see what the card can perform.

But Nvidia powers up this 1630 with higher clock, both for base and memory.

The result from the specification which is made weaker for a GTX series is biggest reason you can this video card cheaper.

So you can't simply sum up that GTX 1630 is not something to replace GTX 1650, but rather to complete the line up series.

This relatively new video card will compete against RX 6400 from AMD, while strengthen the GTX 1000 series.

You neeed to spend under or around 200 dollars to get this card, and according to many test, it should be enough in running many AA titles like AC Valhalla and Cyberpunk.

GTX 1630 comes with the new support and feature like codec vp8.

And just like Nvidia product in general, the series has been produced by manufactures like Inno3D.

But you can also choose the product from Colorful. Surely all of the product is basically same, except for the design. And certain product comes with OC edition.

So after you find that GTX 1630 is not meant to replace GTX 1650, then you may assume that this could be a product to replace GT 1030. Even though until today the GT 1030 is still in product and we have not when it will get discontinued.

And in fact, GTX 1630 was first intended for OEM, not like what we can find in the market where we can find and buy it directly.

Now try to see the collection of Graphics Card and get what you need most.