For entry level Graphics Card GT 730 is still bad

For your performance of PC to play games better then you need a component called graphics card, and if you can't afford something made for enthusiast just like high end product then try to get this GT 730.

With the consumption of watts below 30W, then it should be enough for a user who does not want to replace his current power supply.

Beside Asus, MSI and Gigabyte, the product from PNY is also quite attractive. With the price that is relatively close each other. Also refer to GTX 1630 if you need new product.

Due to the problem of chips problem few times ago, manufacturer like Asus product like GT 730 which is based from the gpu released in 2014.

But it's still enough for average users, and also for those who are looking to use it for multi monitor purpose.

And all of product has been connected with HDMI output, and also D-sub.

And as expected, it's just a one slot video card so size is not something to concern about the GT 730.

There are some models of the card with variation between 1Gb size and 2Gb, and it's available with DDR5.

Moreover it's a common thing if you find product with the same series but it gives different specification.

Beside size and memory model, there's also the difference for the cooler and design of course.

Surely it's the characteristic from a low end product, which is different with high end video which is sold usually with the same type memory and size.

For common users, the difference between such thing may cause confusion, about what must be gotten or not. Basically by using YouTube it will give you best explanation from performance between GT 730 DDR3 and DDR5.

GT 730 in general is best to use for 720p gaming, but for desktop it can be use for higher resolution.

GT 730 DDR3 1Gb is the cheapest one, which makes sense since the specification is the worse.

And still for the terms of specs, the DDR5 will be much better, even though in general it's still considered weak for this entry level especially if you also consider GT 1030 to get.

Surely the DDR3 can't match DDR5 performance, regardless the series from this GPU.

If you want something better, and of course you need one, then try Best Graphics Card Under 100 for something to be used as new reference.