See closer GTX 660 Ti from Gainward Graphics Card

Following the success of GTX 670 and GTX 680, Nividia released the GTX 660 Ti which was cheaper. And this graphics card was made to face HD 7870 GHZ version from AMD.

For specification of the card, it's rather similar with GTX 670, but surely Nvidia had made significant change thus the price of GTX 660 Ti is cheaper.

The first impression from GTX 660 Ti can change your mind, but now give us a chance to the series from Gainward with Phantom as the product. As expected, it looks quite big, just like the rest of high end product.

The cooling fan also looks elegant, and they are big enough to cover the video card product.

But with such a big cooling system, it can take a lot of space. Let alone the noise which may annoy you.

The GTX 660 Ti from Gainward, Phantom, has been overclocked. Thus it will give slightly better compared to reference and retail based on this version.

The gpu clock is pretty fast, not to mention its ability in increasing the clock if necessary.

As a "trademark" from mid end graphics card from some decade ago, it still brings 2Gb size, and for "classic" heavy games, GTX 660 Ti is more than enough.

For a mid end product Phantom GTX 660 Ti should have complete ports, and yes beside HDMI, it's also available for DVI and Displayport. And if you want for SLI features, the card can support that.

Surely as a GTX 660 Ti card the performance from Phantom must be be ignored, as it can show quite powerful performance in gaming, as hope from a mid end gpu.

Once again, the fan as great enough to keep the temperature of the gpu as low as possible, and is needed to run games with smooth.

This GTX card is good enough to handle Metro Exodus games, with the frame rate that can get above 60 fps, or around 90 fps.

Another good result is with Modern Warfare (COD) remastered where it can get almost 80 fps.

But for Control games, it's hard to reach 50 fps.

Now with the Graphics Card available out there, try to get one of most recommended for you.