GTX 1080 Ti is not good Graphics Card to run Cyberpunk in 4K

Nvidia apparently got their own obsession to create the strongest video card ever. But let's go back to few years ago where they released Titan XP some months after the release of GTX 1080 Ti. So within one year range, the managed to produce two strong video card for gaming.

Both of product based on pascal with the price range above 1000 dollars at the time they were released. Surely for the product which is expensive relatively, both cards should bring best specification, and you can see that from internet or Nvidia official site.

Titan Xp also was once the strongest graphics card ever made. But let's see closer for the difference between GTX 1080 Ti.

Unfortunately the difference is not too significant, and for the price range maybe you will be interested to get GTX 1080 Ti which is cheaper. Nevertheless both product is ideal indeed for enthusiasts where every fps matter for them.

In 2016 Geforce GTX 1080 Ti had been anticipated by PC users thanks to many reviews that positively rated the card. And for 4K gaming, the product was able to handle it. As the result the product was out of stock in one hour.

Back then for the demo of Cyberpunk games the GTX 1080 Ti was used as the graphics card test. But instead of 4K, the games was run in 1080p resolution. Surely we know if Cyberpunk is kind of less-optimized games for PC, regardless of its great visual.

For the demo it could only run the games with 30fps, no stuttering, frame rate drop and other problems.

Luckily for the final product, GTX 1080 Ti can run the Cyberpunk 2077 games better, as you can see from zWORMz Gaming channel, where it can run the games in ultra with fps around 55 fps. But those who always expect 60 fps as the minimum frame rate could feel disappointed.

Moreover, when the setting is change to high, then it can reach above 60 fps.

Fo 1440p resolution in ultra, the card is barely reach the 40 fps.

Apparently this graphics card is not strong enough to run Cyberpunk for 4K resolution.

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