R7 370 from Powercolor resembles R7 265 Graphics Card

A Facebook user once asked if R7 370 was just re brand from R9 270, with the difference to see on the base clock.

But it was denied by AMD directly by adding if they never "practice" re brand at all, and each of product got its own features, specs and surely the range of prices.

In general Radeon 300 series come with many features that are hardly found on the previous generation, so you can tell if they have implemented latest GCN architecture.

Among AMD Radeon video card, let's talk closer about their Rx series.

As the reference, Fury X became AMD strongest gpu that competed against GTX 980 Ti where both could perform side by side in term of performance on gaming.

Beside the "higher" class, AMD surely never ignore the mainstream and also the low entry class by producing a lot of product for this market.

R7 370 can be considered a mainstream graphics card which can be by gamers from any budget level.

Don't worry if you feel curious about the performance of the card since we want to review R7 370 from Powercolor and see what it will bring.

It runs at 925 Mhz for the base clock, and 1400 Mhz for the memory clock, so it's pretty decent for a gpu product.

For this series Powercolor "added" 10 Mhz to the base clock, and with 935 Mhz it is faster than ordinary version. And it will remind you to another AMD card, R7 265.

PCS+ is the name given by Powercolor for its unique fan which is surely different than the reference model.

It is claimed that with such unique cooling system, it can give room for overclocking system, which is recommended for enthusiast only.

Red and Black is still the theme brought by Powercolor for their R7 370.

And in terms of dimension, it's quite small yet it still takes double slots for you to put it inside the casing.

There are double fans to cooling down the gpu that is supplied to the heat sink.

Surely you can test a software such as Unigine Heaven to torture the card and see what it got.

According to our reviewer, the max temperature Powercolor R7 370 can reach is just 73 Celsius which is somewhat "decent" for its class.

This is something nice from this brand, and they also give back-plate for this card. So if you want to buy this gpu then don't worry about the quality.

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