R7 370 compared with GTX 750 Ti Graphics Card in price range

A mainstream video card surely gives something nice for the users, just like back-plate where it can keep PCB from bent.

Another aspect to see from a card is its ability for CrossFire technology, where it can be linked up with another same card. AMD named this feature with XDMA where it does not need any connector.

R7 370 from Powercolor is also like the reference where it still needs another six pin connector.

As explained, R7 370 is type of graphics card design for mainstream market, so it should be ideal for them to play games in general resolution such 1080p and smaller.

And even when you test this for 1920x1080, the result is quite nice. For Bioshock 3 as example, if you put the setting all to right, it is still possible.

That said, the users must make certain adjustment in playing the games like The Witcher 3 and also Far Cry 4, where to acquire reasonable frame rate that action is needed.

Moreover, people who still rely on a standard HD monitor can definitely make it as best for such resolution and play games with comfortable.

And about the cooling system, 75 °C is the max temperature, thanks to double fan powercolor has planted for this card. Basically graphics card with wind fan is better than heat-sink used by a lot of low entry product.

Still about the cooling fans, the sound are not noisy so it won't bother someone when using the computer.

Surely R7 370 is hard to find in new condition, and back then for the price you can get GTX 750 Ti which was also affordable.

So the price of both product should not be too different. Where GTX 750 Ti originally could be bought under 200 dollars.

And in performance terms, R7 370 will give much better for you compared to GTX 750 Ti. And the reviewer claimed according to benchmark if R7 370 was indeed better.

Another alternative is of course GTX 960, with the similar price range, and at first glance it can give better power than R7 370.

But of course this article is not about GTX 960 and we already made this gpu in previous article.

See this Graphics Card now recommended for anyone.