GTX 1080 Graphics Card test for Doom & Monster Hunter World

The Monster Hunter World was released about four years ago, and if you have not got the chance to experience the games on the consoles then definitely you can try the PC version with its own pros and cons.

Specification needed to play the games is pretty high, with Ryzen 5 series and also GTX 1060 as the recommended video card, and it's estimated to play with 30 fps with such setting.

Let's see the report test from a user named FluffyQuack who tested the games with GTX 1080 and i7 4790K, plus 16 Gb memory.

In 1440p unfortunately his computer didn't give satisfying performance when playing Monster Hunter World at highest settings, especially in hub area where it can't reach solid 60 fps.

Volume Rendering Quality is the option that must be adjusted since it will make your computer component work harder. And the function from the option will make the games texture look blurry.

In general is Monster Hunter World is an optimized games, and maybe you can't run it well with GTX 1080 in 1440p, but in lower settings, the performance will be more satisfying.

And even GT 1030 or maybe GT 730 video card can still run the games, surely in 720p resolution.

Released about seven years ago, GTX 1080 alongside GTX 1070 promised gamers better performance, and it even beat Titan X, plus more efficient in term of watts. Surely with 180 watts, it should be something sense given how powerful it is particularly for 1080p gaming.

It was sold above 500 dollars where for the price range, it should be considered as high end gpu.

But for Best Graphics Card Under 100 Dollars you can still get something affordable such as GT 1030 and other option.

Its best performance can be tested for a games like Doom, which was also released at the same year.

As the result, enjoy playing the games with highest settings in 1080p, surely with solid 60 fps.

No problem whatsoever to use the card for the games, and if you want higher frame rate, simply choose to turn off the V-sync setting.

Of course the games to play are not limited to titles above, but also many heavy and demanding games.