Wo Long games will come in march 2023

Koei Tecmo for recent years are known for their "Soul" series, and we should give them credit to what they have done.

With Nioh series, they managed to give us challenging action games, and with unique settings that can remind you to Diablo series.

Now with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, The Ninja Team implement the new concept with the whole new approach for this games. And now prepare to play the games since it's already got the definite release.

Wo Long games takes the three kingdoms as the settings, and you can also find the supra-natural element it brings. Moreover, also find "morale" system where it can affect your battle completely.

You can also do parry, and read enemy movement, hence you must act with caution.

And with Fast paced battle, surely it's best for those whole love playing action and Hack n Slash games.

Wo Long games will be released in March next year, for all consoles and also for PC.