Still about the rumor surrounding GT 1010 Graphics Card

Back then in January 2022, we got new graphics card from AMD with RX 6500 XT and RTX 3050 from Nvidia.

Not just those product, there was also a rumor about GT 1010, that has less power than GT 1030.

The twitter user named BenchLeaks was the first to give information about this GT 1010, where it got small number of Cuda Core score.

Mentioned above, based on information shown by Videocardz, GT 1010 is weaker with API Vulkan score at 7983 while GT 1030 can score 10699 point.

In terms of specs, this video card will show the same specs with GT 1030, but maybe with some power cut so the product price can be cut as well.

The memory, bus width and bandwidth is also same. With 30 watts as max tdp.

At the same time it looks like the improvement over GT 1030, but in overall it feels like GT 1010 is intended for a casual PC users who are not really interested for gaming.

But until today, there's no information about GT 1030, and no real test for this card on YouTube. It's safe to say, it's just a rumor or maybe Nvidia canceled this product from their list.

But if this product gets released, it should attract those who want to choose something like GT 730 or GT 710 first.

Interestingly, from Tech power up, its performance is just weaker than HD 7750 and HD 5750. And its power will be similar with GTS 450.