See the target market from GTX 1630 Graphics Card

There are many choices for GPU units at this time, and for mid to entry level, AMD have launched RX 6400 and also RX 6500 XT. Nvidia surely do not want to leave behind and they had launched GTX 1630 for answering AMD's challenge.

The release of GTX 1630 can be something excited for users who prefer GT 1030 and GT 730 at first place. Surely those both product may already outdated for some people since they come around 2017, and GT 730 is older than that.

Basically GT 1630 would be something more ideal if they think that GTX 1650 is too strong for them for gaming. But in other way GT 730 and also GT 710 may not catch up for gaming, even for 720p gaming.

According to VideoCardz, the performance of GTX 1630 can match GTX 1050 ti, so it will be a great alternative in case you don't want to spend more in order to buy a new product.

It can be expected since this card is equipped with 4Gb DDR6, similar with RX 6400 which we are targeting today.

And with less than 75 Watt as the consumption, GTX 1630 will be even better to use for a personal computer.

Finally, the product of video card in 100 dollars will give you more options, which is a good news for use, for casual gamers or average PC users who don't really need strong product for their gpus.