GTX 590 Graphics Card was a beast in its era

It's something weird a video card made for enthusiast at its time like GeForce GTX 590 has been equipped with rather slow gpu clock.

It's also bigger with dual slot taken from the case. And given the dimension of the card, using it for a mini case should be impossible.

But definitely it's a beast from 2011, and more interesting thing is it brings dual GPU.

For the GTA V, even in 1080p high, GTX 590 can run it with 80 fps and more.

In Far Cry 5 with 1080p low the product can still run it with 30 fps.

Now move to Battlefield 4 and with 1080p high, it won't pose a problem for GTX 590 to run the games with frame rate around 80 fps.

Rainbow Six Siege should be easier for the card to run, and turns out in 1080p medium it can reach easily around 100 fps.

Well also gain solid 60 fps when you set The Witcher 3 games in medium settings at 1080p resolution.

Last is AC 4 with 1080p high and gain easily around 50 fps.

And all of the retail version got wider dimension, with fan in the middle. ASUS ROG MARS II is best here, with 782 MHz core clock, and 1002 MHz memory clock. It's also interesting to Radeon card from Evga, since we know this Evga product is exclusive for Nvidia, but currently they no longer produce gpu for Nvidia.

Point of View TGT Ultra Charged is also best with 692 MHz rated gpu clock. This is also interesting since Point of View apparently no longer produce high end video card for both Nvidia and AMD.

Just like many product of GPU intended for enthusiast such as Titan Pascal, it got super high power consumption, 365 watts. So the suggested PSU by Tech Power Up is 760 watts.

Now 11 years later a mid end gpu such as GTX 1650 can surpass the GTX 590 easily.

But turns out it's featured with multiple gpu which can automatically be activated once all of the condition have been filled.

The closest GPU definitely is HD 7970 GHz Edition and also Radeon R9 280X, which were released as mid end video card.

now we close this article by recommend Best Graphics Card Under 100 Dollars