GTX 760 Graphics Card is here for best experience of gaming

GeForce GTX 760 is the recommended and is also quite strong to run many games.

With 2GB and DDR5 version it may look inferior if we consider some gpus already come with DDR6 and 6 or 8GB size.

But as usual, if you know to run right games and change the in games settings, it should not give much problem for a gamer.

In our database, the GTX 760 is the recommended requirement for games like Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Metal gear solid V, Mad Max and also Arkham Knight.

Back then it was made to please gamers who needed something to make gaming better in experience. In 2013 or the time when it was released, the specs of GTX 760 was magnificent. And the launch price was around 250 dollars, compare it with HD 6670 and HD 7750 with the price under 100 dollars at that time.

With Kepler architecture, it can stand as one of the strongest with GTX 700 family, alongside GTX 780 and GTX Titan.

Similar with a supposedly mid range graphics card, the GTX 760 is equipped with boost clock, that works higher than normal gpu clock at its peak.

Equipped with display port, if you have a 4K monitor then you can simply connect it with this GTX card, but surely for 4K gaming this product won't be enough.

Also reconsider its 170 watts power consumption which is big if you relate it with the power of the card in general.

AC Unity with low and medium settings at 1080p is a piece of cake for GTX 760, and it can gain around 50 fps.

Need for Speed Heat in 1080p low is also good to run with frame rate around 40 fps. It's nice to add one or two racing games into your Steam or Epic store game library.

Now try Ghostwire Tokyo which is poorly optimized for the computer, and yes, even GTX 760 struggles to run it in 1080p lowest settings, and the result is also poor with avg frame rate under 20 fps.

Try getting this Best Graphics Card Under 100 and see by yourself.