HD 7790 Graphics Card will be less recommended for gaming

If you ever play the Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition games (2015) then you may notice if Radeon HD 7790 is the recommended video card requirement.

In the time it was released, it was placed as mid range product and was also equipped with 2Gb memory. But not all of them since only Asus and Gigabyte with such memory, and most retail edition as well as reference version from AMD.

Also in 2013, with 1000 MHz gpu clock it was quite fast for a gpu product.

XFX also come with three version as well, with 1Gb, 2Gb and over-clocked version. All of them are labeled with "Ghost Thermal" written on the card, which is similar with HD 7750 and HD 7770.

And for that years and below, it was something usual to see the HD 7790 becomes something recommended.

Classified within Bonaire XT variant, it's already got the DirectX 12 to ensure no games have trouble to be played inside the machine.

On the paper the performance is relatively same with GTX 650 Ti and also with RX 550 that came for years later.

In fact, HD 7790 can be considered as direct rival of GTX 650 Ti.

In Crysis Warhead games both cards can play games well and are able to reach above 40 fps.

In Borderland 3 they struggle in high resolution and in the benchmark test they can reach slightly above 30 fps.

Cyberpunk 2077 is one the best example from a games that should not be played on older mid range graphics card or on entry level. And similar case with Horizon Zero Down where the result is just slightly better.

And the both GTX 650 Ti and HD 7790 barely can handle the games and struggle with fps under 20 points. So also consider to get R7 265.

Even the specs is quite similar, but RX 550 is better since it's powered with larger bandwidth and faster clock.

With only 85 watts as power required by HD 7790, it's pretty much efficient even though higher than GTX 1650 and also GTX 750 Ti, but you still need the 1x 6-pin connector.

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