Radeon RX Vega 11 is quite powerful integrated Graphics Card

If GT 1030 could be transformed into an integrated GPU then it would turn to Radeon RX Vega 11. Yes it may sound interesting since both component got almost similar performance for gaming.

We know that GT 1030 is just a low profile product, but who would have thought this gpu which is powered by Ryzen processor (Ryzen 5 2400G for example) can beat the performance of an external video card like GeForce 9800 GT and HD 6670.

Basically it can give performance like Radeon R9 M280X as older integrated GPU from AMD.

You can search on YouTube and see Vega 11 does not only match GT 1030 which is known good and is ideal for 720p gaming.

In Far Cry 5 benchmark, all of the tested video card can reach above 30 fps, but this RX Vega is slightly faster.

But interestingly, RX Vega 11 is fail to match GT 1030 performance in 1080p settings since the GT 1030 looks better and can show power here.

On the contrary, Vega 11 looks better and has much improvement in RE 3 remake in 900p resolution while GT 1030 got lower frame rate.

Moreover, given better specification, GT 1030 should run better on the paper.

But remember cause the performance above can cost RX Vega more power, and with 65W max TDP, it's higher than GT 1030 and also RX 550.

The base clock runs at 300 MHz, but it can elevate to 1240 MHz depending on the computer task or the games you are running. Since this is integrated video card, the memory size, bandwidth and other specs factors depend on your whole system. Which means, Vega 11 can only perform well as long as your other component such as Ram is also good.

Released to public early in 2018, it already takes benefits from the use of DDR4 Ram which shows how modern the GPU is.

Based on Vega architecture plus the support of Direct X 12, all games should be supported, unlike GTX 750 Ti that can't run AC Valhalla games because of this Direct X issue.

By seeing information above, you can confidently use this integrated GPU without worrying too much about performance, of course in 720p or higher for less graphics-demanding games.

But beware that it can also push the load of your CPU to the max limit.

That said, don't forget to search in our blog about another option to avoid or something that can attract you more as a gamer.

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