GeForce 9800 GT is far from efficient for a Graphics Card

GeForce 9800 GT is one of best example where a weak graphics card can draw so much of power (125W) consumption, which makes the product is less ideal for an ordinary computer machine.

Hence have power supply good enough for its 1x 6-pin to be connected.

Since this component came many years before, surely it can't catch up for recent games. But we're gonna review it anyway so you can avoid to purchase the used product.

Exactly, as an older product, it got less attractive design and big bandwidth as well. Still it still does not improve the overall full power of the card.

And with 1x S-Video output, you can connect it with older monitor.

Having said that, 9800 GT can still perform as good as HD 6670. Surely the HD 6670 will perform better in your opinion due to the efficiency and is a better choice even the used one.

Its base clock is pretty much standard, and slightly faster than HD 5450. Basically, many GPU products from last generations does not have good base clock specifications.

Given the name, GeForce 9800 GT is a step above GeForce 9600 GT, and on paper, it can perform 25 percent faster.

This old GT video card can perform much better and faster than the product came later after it such as HD 6450 and 5450.

The standard size of memory is 512 MB, but it also comes with 1GB size which is released by Asus and Evga.

Given the information above, 9800 GT will have performance just like HD 6670, yet we need to compare or see it and videos on youtube can show exactly what we want.

You can still expect for 9800 GT to run Rocket League in 1080p even though on low, yet the result is still surprising with 50 fps and more.

But it can't run Valheim on 1080 with smooth so lower the resolution to 720p to get more frame rate. However, in this case this card barely gets decent fps with 30 fps is hard to reach.

With Heroes of the Storm testing, in 720p medium, it's still hard for the GPU to reach 60 fps and it's barely to reach 40 fps.

Obviously, many product released by Nvidia come with better specs and is more effective. They are GT 730 and also GT 1030 for example. At here inside Best Graphics Card Under 100 Dollars see more list for such options.