Test the performance from RX 6500 XT Graphics Card

Let's talk about RX 6500XT that brings Navi 24 as the GPU, and this variant from AMD is something you need for gaming.

In the following information see also about the performance through gaming test that you can enjoy.

One of the most recommended is from Asus where their RX 6500 product has been overclocked at 2420 MHz instead of 2310 MHz as the standard base clock.

Its fan cooler is also unique where it can automatically turn on when the temperature is high.

The video card product is completed with back-plate, hence Asus RX 6500 will stay cool while running. This is also needed to prevent bending.

Of the feature from this Asus is the Bios switch where user is allowed to switch between performance mode or quiet mode. The noticeable different is the difference at fan speed.

One connector is needed though as it draws 107W as power requirement, thus only good power supply must pair with this card.

The price of RX 6500 XT at launch is set at $199 which means this component is one of the best video card around 200 dollars, and will fight directly with GTX 1650 Super edition.

If you are interested to a "low profile" design then you can go to Powercolor where its dimension is smaller with one fan only. The downside is its specification has not been overclocked, unlike the Asus product above.

You may laugh about its 64 bit memory bus which is same with GT 1030 and GT 710 yet its bandwidth power is crazy considering its smaller memory bus, 143.9 GB/s.

AMD definitely has made something efficient like RX 6500 XT, and outside the bandwidth factors, its base and memory clock is also fast. No wonder it can beat the performance from GTX Titan and GTX 970.

RX 6500 XT can run The Witcher 3 in ultra settings at 1080p with frame rate above 60 points, and it can beat GTX 1660. Also the similar result with same settings with Days Gone games.

For Cyberpunk 2077 game test, still with 1080p ultra the result is not satisfying since this card can get around 30 fps.

Definitely this RX video card is on another level and can't be classified in same level with Vega 11 and GT 1030.

Last, this component is not listed inside Best Graphics Card Under 100 dollars article, but given the price which is currently cheaper than GTX 1650, it's something good for affordable gamers to get inside their computer.