Radeon R7 265 Graphics Card is still worth to get

Prepare yourself to read information about Radeon R7 265 graphics card, and it was simply made for mid range level and it still has good possibility to play the games with good setting for today. And it also came with large bandwidth.

As part of Volcanic Island family, find also the R5 200 series and R9 200 series.

Pitcairn is the graphics processor name, with 1024 cores, but something more standard size of memory if compared to this time. Surely 2GB size DDR5 is rather less powerful for recent games such as Watch Dogs 2 and similar games that require more from your gpu.

Still, if you want to play Watch Dogs 2 in 1080p the result is not that bad. With custom settings with mix of high and low, gain fps around 40.

Another games that can be played quite well is Battlefield 5 in 1080p low, but expect the frame rate under 40 points too.

And last with Genshin Impact games with high setting 1080, and the result is above 40 fps. Surely this 2,5D games is not that demanding like two example games above.

For the retail version surely you want to get from reputable manufactures. But if you want to spend more, definitely get the over clocked version like GIGABYTE R7 265 Wind Force and Power Color Turbo Duo R7 265 OC.

Personally i like the XFX version due to the bright silver color that resembles HD 7750 and its trademark with Ghost Thermal Technology. But outside its design, the specs is pretty much same with the reference edition.

To reduce noise choose a single fan video card or fan less, but all of retails from R7 265 come with fan.

The base clock is not fast with 900 MHz, thankfully with boost clock, it can get automatically faster up to 920 MHz. The gpu clock may rather remind you to GT 710 and GT 1030, but their performance is like night and day.

Basically a gamers needs more from their computer, and with Best Graphics Card Under 100 even though the list inside is not as good as above, it's more affordable for us.