HD 7850 Graphics Card is powerful to run Battlefield 1

Talking about HD 7850 won't be completed without mentioning that this card was a standard and minimum or recommended for a lot of games back then.

Radeon HD 7850 is the official minimum requirement for the first person shooter games such as Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

In battlefield 1 1080p low test, HD 7850 can reach over 90 fps easily. When the games is tested in medium settings, the fps drops drastically to under 60 fps. And in high settings 1080p, the frame rate can get above 40 fps.

Nonetheless the result is satisfying for the games. Just a friendly reminder that Battlefield 1 is a friendly games to PC even GT 710 can run it even though in 720p settings.

For Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare test you can run in high settings with anti aliasing off and SSAO off, still with 1080p. The result is around 30 fps and above 50 fps in some areas. Surely this is still a good result when we assume the card has been discontinued and many stronger video card have replaced its position.

It's not that surprise since this card is good enough for the games above. And despite of the age, and it's already ten years after its released date in 2012, it's something worth to get for a PC gaming, surely if you can bear the settings that must be lower for 1080p gaming.

That said, you can optimize its power for 720p gaming or for 1080p gaming. Which is better to get instead of GT 730 if you don't care about power consumption or the outdated Directx technology.

At first glance the card is pretty standard for its specification, but it's stronger than many products made for entry level.

The specs look quite imbalanced though, with large bandwidth (153.6 GB/s) but limited with pretty standard 2Gb size DDR5 memory. It makes sense the power is just almost a half stronger than GT 1030 and GTX 750 Ti.

Its max tdp is high with 130 W but it can still justify the performance for gaming, and 1x 6-pin is still necessary to support the component.

If you need Graphics Card then see the given recommendation.