The affordable choice of Graphics Card to consider and get

The falling down of cryptocurrency gives good news for PC gamers around the world, since they can get graphics card with more affordable, so this time will be the best time to upgrade your machine component.

If you notice the trend, the price of GPU products tends to decrease, one of them because of factor mentioned above.

Not only for increasing your productivity and enjoy the media better through a computer, by having a good GPU, it will be much better and show significant change than most integrated video card. Hence you can play more games with better visual.

Now we got mission to show some affordable video that you can get due to their affordable price, check it out. Moreover, we only want to show decent and new product, not the legacy cards which have been discontinued. Thus the options in this article is quite limited.

GT 1030

This GT 1030 is probably the product often recommended by reviewers including us. The power is cut due to memory size and lower bandwidth compared to high end GPU, but many reasons why it is so popular among budget gamers.

According to our reviewers, the games can play well for 900p resolution, in this case Apex Legends. You can play it well also Genshin Impact in 1080p.

Note that the variant to get is DDR5, not DDR4 which is basically weaker for gaming.

GTX 1050 Ti

This could be considered as "the king of 1080p video card" that took the throne from GTX 950 and GTX 960. Due to its nice specification and its price, many games can be played in 1080p with good visual.

The power is of course, unlike GT 1030, it's powered with 4GB memory (VRAM).

GTX 1650

4GB DDDR6 is main attraction from GTX 1650, and surely with the lack of options for 1080p gaming then this GTX video card is nice to have.

Unlike entry level product, GTX 1650 and also GTX 1050 Ti above got much better power to play games with the specs you must not worry about.

Definitely, if options above are still expensive, then get more affordable inside Best Graphics Card Under 100 dollars like GT 730 DDR5, but its performance is just half from GT 1030.