The Asus VE278Q benefit for older gamers as a monitor

To complete the best experience of using a new computer then you also need a new monitor as well. Asus VE278Q in this case comes as a simple yet better choice for a lot of users. For more specific when they want to do a special thing like gaming or just Photoshop use.

A computer user tends to do a lot of things like watching the videos on YouTube, making article, and more. A good monitor supposedly can provide whatever you need, plus it must satisfy your taste.

The fast response times benefits him when he plays video games, no blur whatsoever. Of course you must have a decent graphics card to accommodate that. The non glare screen type turns out also crucial things that won't reflect the light from the lamp or natural light form the outside. Hence put the monitor outside and don't worry about it.

One of the user of Asus VE278Q monitor felt that this is a solid choice for him and far superior then his previous old monitor.

With a lot of many inputs, even the old input VGA is still included. Which means, someone who's still living in 2010 can still benefit from this feature. There's also an advanced sensor where it can "sense" light inside your room and it will manage the option automatically. There's also PIP features as well but not all of you need to activate it.

Similar to most monitor, Asus VE278Q is also equipped with VESA mount. Due to the large size of the screen, it's not that bad if you attach it on the wall.