New video gameplay from Resident Evil 7

Is the first-person approach is the right decision to "restore the" Resident Evil to the roots? For now, nobody knows. But for a franchise that has existed since the previous platform generations, it is a series that continues to evolve. Complaints about the taste of the action too obvious in several series before finally pushing Capcom to encourage the evolution of this franchise on the seventh series. Approach to gameplay that is closer to the classic series with the support of VR on it is just a flavor of the very thing that is being prepared. With the release time is getting closer, the new gameplay video finally surfaced!

Some media gaming are invited by Capcom directly to Japan to try out at least 4 hours of gameplay from Resident Evil 7, which is also accompanied by the release of a few minutes of new gameplay video. In the video duration 8-10 minutes, you can see a lot of places, the atmosphere, up to antagonists like what you can find. Resident Evil 7 itself makes the "ordinary man" named Ethan as the main character to make it stronger horror sensation, with flavors survival and tensions that arise from a variety of Baker family members who continue to pursue you.

Resident Evil 7 itself will be released on January 24, 2017 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course, PC.