Darksiders Warmastered Edition is out now on steam

Darksiders is one of the best hack and slash action game in the gaming industry, a claim that is not exaggerate. With character - Four cool Horsemen designed with post-apocalyptic world that is tempting, no wonder if the franchise that was once under the banner of THQ's got a large fan base. Unfortunately, it is now in a position to "fall asleep" regardless of ownership that has changed to new developers. Instead of announcing a third series whose existence was questionable, a product Remastered from the first version finally released to the market. The good news? You can have it with cheap price.

As one of the projects anticipated Remastered enough, THQ has finally released Darksiders Warmastered Nordic Edition to the market, including for PC. The good news? Gamers who have already purchased the original version will get a version of this Warmastered freely, without any additional cost. The promo was also held to celebrate this release, including discounts up to 80%. Absolutely, you can have Darksiders Warmastered Edition is priced at just around USD 3,99 - only via Steam. Not only that, you can also buy a franchise pack contains Darksiders II - Deathinivite Edition for USD 9,99.

This is certainly the best opportunity for PC gamers who never knew Darksiders franchise appeal to dive into this amazing world. Promo itself will expire on 3 December 2016.