FIFA 16 reviews games

Visually, it is able to make the EA Sports FIFA 16 appear to be a football simulation game that amaze your eyes. Like the preceding series EA Sports still pay attention to even the smallest things in order to create an atmosphere that is close to reality. Call it the grass in the field that appears to detail, sway, and could even be damaged as the rigors of the game.

Spectators also become an important factor to realize the atmosphere like a real game continues to be a focus on the development of EA Sports. Both appearance and their reactions in response to the game are quite diverse, and explosive. If you play as the host where fans  fill stadiums, moments scored into most makes adrenaline volatile. Moreover, when touchdown occurs as if the camera vibrates due to the thunderous shouts from the audience.

If in the predecessor series only Barclays Premier League offers an authentic stadium atmosphere with yells peculiar to each team. EA Sports is now trying to build a stadium atmosphere in other leagues similar to the original. The most striking change is when you play a match with the team of the Bundesliga (German League). Although not perfect, EA is trying to build an atmosphere of the same game with the atmosphere of the game in the Bundesliga. Flag fluttering in every corner, and those who stood behind the goal is always to form the logo of their favorite clubs with colored paper.

Turning to the weather, in the rain when you can see the splash of water when a player running or kicking a ball, these effects appear at the moment that does not fit. You can see it more clearly through replay. Game when it snowed was less of a problem for us, thick piles of snow made the pitch look strange.

Behind all the improvements, there are also some things omitted by FIFA EA Sports on the new series. One is the loss of cut scenes atmosphere of the hall players before the game that we think is unfortunate.

To further support the atmosphere of the game, EA Sports has always pay attention to the match commentator. Narrative presented two flagship EA commentator, Martin Tyler and Alan Smith can make the game more exciting.

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