Undertale, RPG PC games review

When viewed from the surface, this game at a glance is a kind of game with different titles. Moreover, this game uses the look very "retro", ie 2D graphics in the '80s were dominated by large pixels and colors without shading. So in terms of sheer look, this game did not attract gamers who adore display 3D graphics. However, Undertale save the jewel in his own game. Not only it is capable of displaying the story of the brave, but also capable of entertaining players through a variety of humorous moments.

Undertale strength does not stop at mere story. The element of the fight is also a major concern in this game. However, not in the sense you will continuously be made to repeat the battle in the same area to feel bored. This is normal in the RPG genre Encounter in order to get a strong character of the Level. Undertale seen from the side which is quite unique and interesting and not spared provide entertainment in it.

The story of this game revolves in the history of the war between humans and monsters. The war ended with the victory of the human and monster wasting the nation into the abyss in the bowels of the Earth. After a very long time, where they have been forgotten by humans, until the time a child falls into a hole that connects the world over with the underworld. The child named "Momon", whose name alone you can change at will when the game starts, the child is not really special with unique strengths. However, in the world of monsters, even the weakest man has a special meaning.

Narration in the game although not sung with a variety of luxury features, such as a variety of event movies or voice, but was able to touch and at the same time entertaining. So also with the mysteries of the world of monsters that can be continuously peeled little by little so intriguing. The main reason comes from nature itself unusual story.

When compared with the usual narrative found in other RPGs, you just become readers only. Various stories involving the main characters evolve away and you do not feel like part of it. At Undertale, you will feel the choice made has great significance, as it determines your fate. Obviously, in the game you will often find a moment of choice, in fact he does not give the option of dialogue, but it still feels as if your life depended on it. Often your actions in the game, which could give the impression that choice