Soma PC games the review

Soma using a form of the game that is almost similar to amnesia. At the game, you do not have the ability to counteract the threat posed by "ghost" or your enemy. Instead, the main concept is to avoid the enemy by means of hiding. Although not so mainstream like survival horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, the game is actually able to provide a gripping greater than the other two games. The absence of the ability to shoot and attack the enemy makes you should always be alert to the surrounding environment.

Gripping state shown in Soma is also fully supported by graphical display with high enough quality. Dark shades and full of clutter shown in the game can be properly represented through the game screen. So also with lighting effects. These effects contribute so much to emphasize the dark conditions and at the same time issued a fear of the dark nature that you may have.

Narrative given in the game should be recognized quite interesting in terms of its mystery. Even to get into the category of high enough quality novel . In addition it is able to save a lot of mystery in it, the narrative also know when to pull out a surprising fact about the game environment and also about the character you play yourself. Science Fiction story theme or Sci-fi that carried this game can be translated well through voice .

The story of Soma originated from Simon Jarrett's accident, the main character in this game and you control the future, and causing him to lose a lover and make it suffered permanent brain damage. At one point, he offered some sort of neurological treatments that claim to cure his brain. Bids are so interesting is certainly not to be missed by Simon.

Apparently, the "doctor" who met to provide treatment has not even passed and he was only offered a kind of discovery that is used for the thesis. Capitalize just try, Simon finally sit at a machine designed by the doctor not to pass and ended with he wakes up in an unfamiliar place and the dark! Do all that happened was in his mind or through the unusual way he made the move to another place? This becomes your mission when playing Soma.

Apparently, where he met the stranger who holds so many gripping story. Not only from the fact that happened only to the world, but also the variety of threats of robots that talk like humans! Not just the way they talk just like humans, even some that are like humans.

The story in this game is an important factor and has a big part in the game. Because, without the story, this game is just a mere game of hide and seek. Fortunately, the story is strengthened and able to give satisfaction. Even up to the stage was curious to find out what really happened, both to the world and yourself. So for gamers who like horror with action-packed game, the game is less suited to their play.