Fallout 4 cool Trailer, The Wanderer

Approaching Fallout 4 launch date , Bethesda consistently continue to share the latest update of its flagship game. Not only in the form of information related gameplay, the company also released a new trailer to lure more players.

Interestingly, this time seems different trailer with trailer Fallout 4 before because it does not show what kind of visual quality and gameplay of the game. This is because Bethesda launched the trailer with the concept of Live-Action combined with CGI.

Entitled The Wanderer, a new trailer has a duration of less than one minute. Although it does not show the novelty of Fallout 4, trailer The Wanderer remains attractive because it can describe how the post-apocalyptic world you want to display by Bethesda. Why not release more video gameplay, you ask? Ad live-action like this is more designed to attract prospective potential market of gamers that more lay people, those who are curious but never tested the previous Fallout. As for the new gameplay trailer, Bethesda had promised to release a new version in the near future.