Prey for the gods PC games reveal trailer

Shadow of the Colossus deserves to be chosen, not only as the best Playstation 2 games but also the gaming industry as a whole. Unlike most action games that are always position your main character as being strong and need to eliminate many small enemy before continuing the story, Shadow of the Colossus directly take you on  1 vs 1 against so many giant monsters .

The best thing? Not only the design, atmosphere, and the gameplay is unique, Team ICO is also wrapped with a story that is so solid. Unfortunately, apart from exceptional charm, Shadow of the Colossus appears to be a project that is impossible to be enjoyed by PC gamers. It is exclusivity made this game just arrived for the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 in Remastered format . However, there is one project that seems to be enough to quench the thirst of PC gamers to experience directly sensation of Shadow of the Colossus . An alternative is referred to as "Prey for the gods".

Developed by No Matter Studios, debut trailer Prey for the gods does look like a "clone" Shadow of the Colossus with different visual form. The character and the world it offers is not the same, but at a glance, all the gameplay elements that make the Team ICO project is the famous concoction seems adapted straightforward. 1 vs 1 battle against a giant monster that requires you to look for loopholes and filled with climbing activities can be seen from the short trailer. It is unclear whether Sony would take certain legal steps related to this project or not.

Prey for the gods had just announced and it will come to PC, without any further details.