GTX 960 Review: Sweet Spot Graphics Card for Gaming

In order to run the games on 1080p resolution comfortably, you need a gaming computer with good components, especially a graphics card which holds an important role if you want to play the games with the best quality settings.

A class of graphics card can be classified into low-end, mainstream and high-end. Well, for the mainstream level, there is a graphics card which is labeled as "the sweet spot" due to its price and maximum performance, GTX 960.

Marketed with interesting price, GTX 960 is able to even run a "heavy" games like Assassin's Creed Unity optimally on 1080p resolution.

GTX 960 itself is designed to replace its older brother, GTX 660, "the sweet spot" from Nvidia's last generation graphics card.

GTX 960 is especially made for 1080p gaming. That said, this video card will struggle to run games on 1440p. From the Dying Light video above (texture quality settings: medium), you may notice that, the GTX 960 is hardly to reach 30 fps.

* Benchmark results from

note: the card tested by tomshardware is Asus' Strix GTX 960, however, it should be enough to see the real power of GTX 960 generally.

Battlefield 4 ultra detail preset 1080p
GTX 960 can reach 56,1 AVG fps and performs slightly better than Radeon R9 285.

Far Cry 4 high detail preset 1080p
GTX 960 can reach 58,7 AVG fps. It is also the same result achieved by GTX 770.

ARMA III ultra detail preset 1080p
GTX 960 once again can beat R9 285 with 48,1 AVG fps while the R9 285 can only reach 41,9 AVG fps.

* 120 Watts max TDP

The GTX 960 draws a lot of power and it also requires 1x 6-pins power connectors. According to Nvidia GTX 960 official site, the minimum recommended power from your computer is just 400W.

However, i recommend you to upgrade your power supply first to at least 500W or 550W before you buy GTX 960 cause putting a GTX 960 into computer with 400W is too risky and may damage the components of your computer.

* Standard Specifications

GTX 960 Engine Specs:
CUDA Cores: 1024
Base Clock: 1127 (MHz)
Boost Clock: 1178 (MHz)
Texture Fill Rate: 72 (GigaTexels/sec)

GTX 960 Memory Specs:
7.0 Gbps Memory Clock
2 GB Standard Memory Config
GDDR5 Memory Interface
128-bit Memory Interface Width
112 (GB/sec) Memory Bandwidth 

* Conclusion

GTX 960 is one of the most powerful graphics card for 1080p and can run newest games with decent framerate. However, avoid this video card if you wanna play "heavy" games on larger resolutions.

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