BenQ RL2455HM Review: 1ms Response Time Monitor

In this article I'm gonna review the BenQ RL2455HM, one of newest and also recommended from BenQ gaming monitor line up series.

BenQ has achieved a good reputation for giving their customers with good quality computer products, especially monitors. Well, BenQ RL2455HM gaming monitor is amongst one of the best monitors that can be found out there. It comes from a major brand that often supplied their monitors in gaming tournaments.

RL455HM is advertised to be a monitor for RTS games. That being said, this monitor actually works very well for a wide variety of games including the fast-paced action games, fighting and also first person shooting games.

Now let us analyze every aspect of this LED monitor so we can find if this monitor is worth to get or not, keep reading...

* Specifications

Display Size: 24 inch
Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
Response time: 1 ms GTG
Panel Type: TN
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Smart Scaling: Yes
Senseye 3
LED Backlight

Glancing at BenQ RL2455HM

Taking a glance at this BenQ gaming monitor, it doesn’t seem to be anything special. At the back of the panel, there will be connectivity ports found. The input connectors include two HDMI ports alongside VGA (D-Sub) and DVI-DL ports. These ports should be more than enough to be used for a majority of gaming console as well as personal computers.

Further Check on BenQ RL2455HM Panel Specifications

The panel used in BenQ RL2455HM gaming monitor is the TN panel with LED backlighting. This is a common panel used in most monitors. The TN panel is known for being responsive. It has very fast response time and BenQ is offering 1ms GTG (gray-to-gray). It is a very nice thing considering that most TN monitors offered nowadays usually have 2ms GTG response time or even slower. Response time is one important key to the performance of a monitor. Quicker response time means quicker pixels shift from black to white or from gray to gray. It gives the benefit to reduce the ghosting effects that will thrill every game player.

As mentioned above, the monitor is designed to be full HD monitor. The native display is 1080p (resolution 1920X1080). It can be scaled down properly without any kind of problem. The dynamic contrast ration within the monitor panel is 12M:1 (million) with 1000:1 native contrast ratio. The panel of BenQ RL2455HM gaming monitor is operated at 60Hz refresh rate. This can be quite disappointing for gamers who are used to use the 120Hz refresh rate from the games. But this won’t be a problem for those who use gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Checking the viewing angles of RL2455HM BenQ gaming monitor, people will soon realize how the monitor is not the best when it comes to this. The advertised viewing angle is 170/160. The monitor will look great when being viewed on the eye level. However, it will be different when being viewed from the different angles. Why? It is because of the gamma curve that will shift dramatically when the monitor is viewed from the different angles. This gamma shift is very apparent. This is not something new to TN panel and not BenQ’s fault.

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BenQ RL2455HM Performance While Gaming

What can be acquired from BenQ RL2455HM gaming monitor when being used for playing games?. Excellent performance can certainly be expected by many people and RL2455HM delivers it successfully. The crisp display with beautiful colors that looks quite good. The monitor looks clean and also responsive. Setting up the monitor from game is easy. Playing games with the monitor is fun and using gaming consoles won’t pose any problem and the monitor stays excellent without additional input lag.

Update: If you are not happy with the default color settings of the BenQ RL2455HM monitor, you can choose more accurate color settings by configuring the RGB (red green blue) color temperature menu.

* Monitor video test
Battlefield 4 (PlayStation 4) on BenQ RL2455HM, settings: default.

* Features

- Gaming comfort flicker free technology
This feature will help you reduce eyes fatigue so you can play games more comfortable for hours.

- The Black eQualizer
Most monitors lose details when displaying dark areas or scenes. Well this is where the Black eQualizer technology plays its role by brightening the dark areas or scenes without sacrificing the white level of the monitor, so you can see clearer visual details.

- Several modes of picture
BenQ RL2455HM provides some picture modes, they are RTS 1, RTS 2, sRGB, photo, eco, and standard. The difference between each mode is not really significant, though. (Note that for gaming it is recommended for you to choose RTS 1 or RTS 2 mode)

- Double 2W integrated Speakers
With only double 2W speakers, you can't expect high quality sound coming from the RL2455HM. So, it's recommended for you to get good external speakers and connect them to your computer or gaming consoles.

- Dual HDMI inputs
screenshot captured from
Unlike most monitor in the same range price, this monitor has been featured with dual HDMI inputs. Obviously, beside connecting your computer, you can also connect your gaming console to this monitor.

- 1 ms (GTG) response time
This is best thing about BenQ RL2455HM. Fast response time means no ghosting or blurring effect especially when you are playing fast-paced action games, racing or first person shooter (FPS) games.

Checking Greatness and Possible Drawbacks of BenQ RL2455HM

There is no doubt that BenQ RL2455HM can be considered as a great monitor. The greatness can be clearly seen in the real good reviews made by many people who have used the monitor and see how excellent the performance can be. The people who have used the monitor say that they feel satisfied with the performance of this monitor. The real fast response time is priceless. Naturally, playing games will become more fun. Setting up the monitor is also very easy and will take a few moments. The navigation buttons make everything even easier.

Although this BenQ gaming monitor has been seen providing nothing but excellent performance, it does not mean that it has no flaws at least to the eyes of some people who have used it. This gaming monitor is really great except for the speakers on the monitor. The quality is not good and not loud enough. Some people describe it as cell phone level audio. That being said, taking external speakers will help solving the problem. One more thing that will be noticed is the viewing angle as aforementioned. This is however a problem that comes to TN panel monitors and not exclusive to RL2455HM.


For game players who seek for a great monitor that can be used on personal computer as well as on gaming console, BenQ RL2455HM gaming monitor can be the right choice. It is known as tournament level monitor and currently considered being one of the best in today’s market. It has solid build and very reliable to be used for long time. Though the price is quite expensive, RL2455HM is still worth to get.

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