Logitech X300 Review - Affordable Mobile Wireless Speaker

Logitech as one of the leading companies with lots of audio peripherals, presents portable speaker called Logitech X300 to support your needs.

The Logitech X300 has a unique design like a small tube, and it has been featured with Bluetooth connectivity, and the most important, its stereo sound quality is quite good.

Logitech X300 speaker comes in several attractive colors. This speaker can be connected to various devices that have Bluetooth connectivity. Well, in this article we are going to review this audio peripheral so that you can find if Logitech X300 is the right choice for you or not.

Note: you can also connect this speaker to your gaming computer, just make sure your computer has Bluetooth capabilities. You can read the article here http://support.logitech.com/article/50921

This portable speaker device is designed with rubber wrapping material that surrounds most of its dimension. With small dimension (2.69 inches x 2.81 inches x 5.9 inches) and light weight (12.8 ounces), you can carry it everywhere easily.

There are three control buttons located at the top, including "volume up", "volume down", bluetooth control and one power button on the back. Below the power button there is indicator lights as a sign that the speaker is active or not.

On the back of the speaker there are two connectors slots, the microUSB slot and 3.5 mm aux-in jack. MicroUSB connector serves as a battery charging, while the aux-in jack allows you to connect the speaker to mobile devices, like smartphone.

In order to give you high quality sound, Logitech X300 provides four speakers inside its unit, two on the right and left side, and two more speakers located on the front. There are four color variants of this mobile wireless Stereo Speaker: Black, Red, Blue and Purple.

Logitech X300 has a battery life over 5 hours when playing music continuously. Bluetooth connectivity of the speaker is capable of reaching up to 30 feet. If you want to play sound from multimedia that do not provide Bluetooth support, you can connect the device through the aux-in jack slot.

Besides as multimedia speakers, Logitech X300 also features Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP1.6). The feature can be used by you to make phone calls while using Logitech speakers X300 as a loud speaker.

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