XCOM 2 is announced for PC

One of the best strategy games ever we enjoy three years ago, not at all an exaggeration to embed this sentence along with XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Emerged as a "dark horse" that is never expected to appear so extraordinary, XCOM gathering all the elements you would expect from a game strategy: complexity, degree of difficulty, until the mechanical gameplay itself. It is increasingly strengthened with an expansion pack that is equally cool. The good news? the success of this franchise is definitely supports a sequel series. A series that was already almost been completed by Firaxis Games.

You who had followed news over the last few weeks the game will remember the "Advent" - a mysterious short teaser released by 2K Games. A future city ended destroyed it was rumored will culminate in a new series Bioshock or Civilization. But in fact, "Advent" is XCOM turns 2!

A trailer was also released in conjunction with this announcement, showing the action of special forces of the human being that it is now acting as the aggressor. Of gameplay, the essence of which is offered does not seem to change much. Interestingly? 2K Games XCOM claims 2 will come with a built-level random, so that the experience gained every gamer will be different.

Do not have to wait long, 2K Games XCOM ready to release 2 2015 also! it will slide in November 2015, while exclusively for the PC only. There is no talk of the console version so far.