New Harvest Moon goes to PC

If there is one trend that was encouraging in the gaming industry over the past few months, is the "emergence" of PC as a gaming platform that is increasingly in demand by Japanese giant publishers and developers. Although it still leads to the port of the game console that has been previously released, but he was still an opportunity for PC gamers to try out many games they have never enjoyed before. Not only from those games and the action RPG genre, PC gamers will also be the arrival of one of the "legendary" franchise that is certainly no stranger to those who had had a first Playstation in the past. Absolutely, Harvest Moon!

Natsume finally officially introduced the latest series Harvest Moon - Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. Will share more detail at E3 2015, Seeds of Memories is claimed will make the Back to Nature as the main inspiration, classic gameplay spiced with a little modern elements in it. You will still be struggling to revive an agricultural land, while trying to build good social relationships with people around.

Harverst Moon: Seeds of Memories will also be present with a myriad of other interesting activities. In addition to farming and livestock (cattle, sheep, chickens, horses, and dogs), gamers can also cook, fishing, exploration, mining, and perform upgrades on a series of tools that are owned. Such as the Back to Nature in the past anyway, there is a myriad of festivals with specific theme awaits. Natsume also confirmed there will be 10 candidates of characters that can be married: 5 men and 5 women, indicating that gamers will, able to choose the gender of the main character. The gameplay premiere will be opened at E3 2015.

Interestingly? Natsume choose a platform release of the countless unique to Harvest Moon: Seeds of this Memories. The game will be released for the Nintendo Wii U, the two mobile platforms - Android and iOS, and the last - PC! An option which is quite inviting a lot of question marks about the gameplay as what will be offered.