Lightning Returns still comes to steam

Never predictable and appear as a quite pleasant surprise, this one sentence seems to be used to describe the process of Final Fantasy XIII port to the PC which is done by Square Enix. Had problems in the initial release and invited a lot of criticism because of the port that feels unfinished, Square Enix improve further through patches. Although never explicitly released how much the PC version of Final Fantasy XIII sold via Steam, they remain to release Final Fantasy XIII-2 that follows shortly thereafter. But the release of the second game leaves one big question - when will the Lightning Returns come to steam?

Since the beginning announced, Square Enix has publicly mentioned that they would bring not just one, but a whole trilogy of Final Fantasy XIII to the PC. But the last series - Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII never arrived. Square Enix actually comes with another surprise - the port FF Type-0 HD to the PC which recently announced, through close cooperation with the giant gaming notebook manufacturer - MSI. Does this mean the PC version of Lightning Returns will be canceled? For those of you who look forward to, just stay cool.

Through their official Twitter account, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII certainly still be heading to the PC! Unfortunately, they themselves still can not give a clear confirmation about the release date. But they assure, that the games will arrive in the future.

What about yourself? How many of you who are looking forward to welcoming the Lightning Returns games?