Watch LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Trailer here

E3 2015 will be witness to many new games that have been confirmed. One of them, who had revealed its first trailer yesterday is LEGO Marvel's Avengers. Action adventure game with this lego theme is developed by TT Games and will be published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Lego Marvel's Avengers also a second video game from the franchise Lego Marvel (after Marvel Super Heroes which was released late in 2013 ), and will combine the plot of The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron (yes, not the plot original given here, but same as the film). As the name implies, the Avengers became the team's star roster of characters in the game and scheduled to be released late 2015's.

Characters that have been confirmed include:

    Agent Coulson
    Alien General
    Alien Foot Soldier
    Baron Wolfgang von Strucker
    Bruce Banner
    Black Widow
    Captain America
    Iron Man
    Maria Hill
    Nick Fury
    Scarlet Witch
    Tony Stark
    War Machine

below is the first trailer :

And because its plot exactly like the film, then do not be surprised to see what the trailer shown above  LEGO seemed no more than a few scenes from the film version, like the fight in New York in The Avengers (with extras such as, Hulk pose selfie by Leviathan, a scene typical humor by this developer). But with the supervillain Ultron itself is also shown at the end of the trailer, with a definite LEGO display it makes it adorable, indicate if the Avengers: Age of Ultron you will find many translations into LEGO form of many memorable scenes in the film.

There are still three more years for us to see the action Avengers together again, in Avengers: Infinity War - Part One, so LEGO Marvel's Avengers could be a product to fill the free time for you who are just going to enjoy the action of the Avengers alone. Moreover, TT Games also as usual, release it for many platforms at once, and hopefully like LEGO Marvel Super Heroes that is pretty interesting for a LEGO game based on Marvel characters, new collaborations and LEGO Marvel is also capable of entertaining for the fans of both big names.