DOTA 2 Reborn is finally announced

Valve is already ensuring the existence of their newest engine - Source 2 for quite a long time. Unfortunately, after the announcement that made many of the interested gamer, Valve back silent. There is no certainty when this engine will go on sale, or at least begin to strengthen the popular multiplayer games like Team Fortress, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, and of course - DOTA 2. For this last name, rumors had been growing long enough with a variety of evidence that began to be seen in so many gaps. But who would have thought, Valve turns busy developing it behind the scenes. Surprisingly, Valve has finally announced DOTA 2 Reborn!

As the name it brings, Valve is an attempt to offer a new experience and of course - better in DOTA 2. Based Source 2 as the engine, there will be many improvements beyond just visual, especially in terms of interface and support for Custom Games , Valve directly related share many short demo of this claim.

New Dashboard

You can see who is actively in lobby - game mode, the name lobby, and the creator of its own lobby. You can directly join if interested.

dota 2 reborn social

DOTA 2 Reborn will be without a Miniprofiles which will show your favorite hero, best item he had, and the existing trophy. As well as social media at this time, he also has Activity Feed - to view and comment on each achievement that successfully pursued by your friends. To provide better detail about your performance, DOTA 2 Reborn will "unload" MMR you in better detail and analysis of the style of play is more in graphical form.

dota 2 reborn whisper

A new feature called Whisper introduced, to communicate quickly with your friends on Steam. As with any MMO, Chat Rooms features are also introduced, even up to 5,000 user / room.

Dota 2 tournament reborn dotatv

No longer just a place to watch, Watch feature will now be strengthened with more data to help gamers get a more detailed picture of what happened, including when watching the tournament.

dota 2 reborn guided bot

This is just the beginning. Valve promised to share more details about DOTA 2 Reborn in several stages. Next week, they will focus on introducing the potential for Custom Games which will be a key strength of this new series. Announcement for the open beta will also be announced in the near future.