Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 got release date

After being offered a teaser trailer that is enough to make gamers of football lovers around the world to pay attention, Konami finally ready to share more details related to their ambitious project - Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. At the initial teaser, some information was already confirmed - such as position Neymar as the star of the main series this year and  richer celebrate action, including style selfie photo of Totti. Following their previous promise, Konami finally share more information about this game.

Like the previous series, PES 2016 will stillthe Fox Engine, with one mission - to offer a more authentic football experience. PES 2016 Konami claims will be present with a system of collision between players that is more realistic that will calculate how players interact and lead to the result of a unique outcome. In terms of gameplay, it will also offer more control to the action on the air. No longer is always won by the player who is taller or stronger, gamers can now use the left analog to "bother" or search for a better position for the ball in the air.

PES 2016 also features 1vs1 that will have a control system with a better response system. Not only that, from the side of the defense - a perfect tackle will open up the opportunity to do a quick counter. AI also improved to be more reactive to what you need, including taking one-two positions without the need to trigger it manually. While in the last line of defense - a goalkeeper, a new mechanism that they inject will produce more variations of movement to catch and throw the ball out of the danger zone. PES 2016 also promises an improvement in the cosmetic side, from the animated celebrations and the new movement, ball physics, dynamic weather, until a new variant Wide cameras. Improvements in the commentator also promised!

Then, when you will be able to enjoy it? PES 2016 will be released on September 18, 2015 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and of course - the PC. Konami also promises to open more detail later on E3 2015 which will be hosted next week.