Hellblade first gameplay trailer

An AAA indie project, how often do you hear the phrase this one? But projects like this that is being developed by Ninja Theory - developer behind Heavenly Sword  and the popular Capcom franchise reboot series - DMC. Strong enough to gain popularity in the gaming industry, Ninja Theory decided to escape from the interference publisher and create games that they want as well and as complex as a AAA game. The project, which eventually they introduced as Hellblade through 2014 Gamescom event last year. Had provoke curiosity, especially considering its status as one of the game are quite anticipated, Hellblade finally shows first gameplay.

You will act as senua - a Celtic warrior woman who in early teaser, seen preparing to deal with monsters. The surprise? she did not like action games that we think. Ninja Theory finally share the first details about Hellblade and focuses on senua figure that turned out, was dealing with a psychological illness. Traumatized after the Viking invasion, senua experiencing psychosis, including hallucinations, delusions, anxiety, and depression. All the things that make it always "see" the Hell that is a manifestation of the psychological condition.

Show  existing combat action, Ninja Theory unfortunately not much to talk about gameplay mechanisms such as what will they offer to Hellblade. It is apparent that this approach to psychological problems become a major attraction, especially considering they ask for help Paul Fletcher - a psychiatrist from the University of Cambridge as the keynote speaker. This game will also be supported by the Wellcome Trust charity which focuses on providing a better understanding about science and health.

Hellblade itself is planned to be released in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC.