Apparently, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will come to PC

It's no secret if Square Enix today, appears to make the PC as their new potential markets. While there are some recent projects such as Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV which is still positioned as exclusive games for the current generation consoles, many games they are arriving on the PC. Not only from western developers Crystal Dynamics with Tomb Raider or Eidos Montreal with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided , some Japanese studio love to go through similar things. See what you get with Final Fantasy XIII trilogy that had arrived two series to the PC. Apparently, FF XIII will not be the last.

Rumors had circulated is linked more Final Fantasy series is rumored to be arriving on the PC. One of the priorities is reportedly Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster already released repeatedly by Square Enix. But confirmation never arrived, and PC gamers actually get a surprise that they had never previously predicted. Absolutely, their other project HD Remaster - Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Remaster reportedly going towards PC! This information is rooted on the latest product information in MSI gaming laptop - GS60 Red Edition - on their official website, which clearly write "FF Type-0 HD" as a gaming bundle which is included.

Does this mean that a demo of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae will also be included as release of Type-0 HD console versions? Until now, Square Enix is ​​still silence related leak information from MSI.