Star Ruler 2 PC games review

Star Ruler 2 is a simulation game to build a very broad scale. Not only do you have to open up new horizons and discover the solar system for the colonized, you also need to determine the commodity exchange interplanetary network so that they can grow and become prosperous planet. In addition, you also need to circumvent the political world with other species that inhabit the galaxy or the term aliens, and not infrequently involve military force.

However, your problem does not stop there. Another threat also comes over when you have managed to create a vast empire. For example, you can meet with an attack criminals who want to steal money from the merchant interplanetary, warplanes, ancient alien race who keep valuable relics, so you could even be attacked from within, like a confused spy agency to residents who are not satisfied with your government! This game is very complicated and requires a lot of time to learn them well.

The first step is to plug your power over the galaxy starts from a planet in the middle of nowhere. Capitalize species you choose at the beginning of the game, your empire will grow and evolve according to your strengths. Yes, the style of play you'll adopte will be very closely related to the ability of such species.

At least you can choose one of the seven species with the ability of space exploration. They all not only distinguished by their species, but also a form of government, how to develop, to the method used to travel faster than light or FTL. Travel with FTL method makes warplanes, you can get to your destination quickly and can be used starting from the opening of new areas to block the movement of the enemy fleet before it enters your territory.

How to evolve from each species will determine your playing style. They determine the development of the planet, population, up military capability. When other species require food and beverages to improve the welfare of the planet, a species named Mono does not need anything like that, because they are a nation of robots. Not to mention the tree named Oko species of organisms that do not require the city to increase the number of population, because they were born from the roots of a giant tree.

What if you like the combination of a way of life, FTL, and government-owned by several different species? Star Ruler 2 gives you access to create their own race being played. The combination will provide a new experience to play when you are getting bored with the race that has been determined. In fact, it could be suitable for the style of game that you indeed are in these combinations!

After you select a suitable race, only then do you determine how much of the galaxy you want to control. Selection of the type of the galaxy itself is quite a lot and you can determine many things, such as the number of planets, the wealth contained therein, to enable a variety of diplomatic events, malignancies alien, and the ability to change the planet's resources through Terraforming.