Kazumi joins Tekken 7

Has been sliding in arcade form in Japan, gamers lovers in the country Tekken series at there already able to enjoy the latest series - Tekken 7. Apart from confirmation to slide in the current generation consoles and PC, Namco Bandai is not yet widely spoke about this case but to continue to tempt us through lots of screenshots, trailers, and of course - new characters. Became increasingly warm spice Mishima family feud that could be considered to be the backbone for the main story of this franchise, Namco Bandai has finally introduced the grandmother to the main character Jin Kazama. Surprisingly, it was not as old as we imagine.

Absolutely, after briefly giving a strong signal that an important role in the story in early teaser, Namco Bandai has finally introduced as a character Kazumi Mishima of Tekken 7 . Absolutely, she is the wife of Heihachi Mishima - the central figure Tekken, mother of Kazuya Mishima, and of course, grandmother of Jin Kazama.

But instead it looks like an old granny who should be rationally at her age, she actually looks like a young fighter who is full of energy. Released debut trailer showed a fighting style she has. she turned out to be accompanied by a big tiger that were fused in the movement of combo attacks. There are no details about the background story and the reason why she does not age.

Unfortunately, in spite of all new characters start to appear, there is no confirmation about the release of the console and PC versions from this games.