Intel wants to make their own graphics card!

If you want to assemble a PC game, maybe you will immediately think about making a comparison for the graphics card. Is it Geforce or Radeon?

Now is not the time to think of only those two "strongholds", because Intel, which is famous for its advanced processors, will also be involved in the graphics card market!

Intel shows a teaser to the public via their official Twitter, that they will release a graphics card that is specifically for gaming!

In Twitter status, a teaser video was shown, which showed that they wanted to continue their success as the first graphics processor that fully supports DirectX12.

In addition, Intel also claims the first graphics card that can run a 4K quality Netflix movie, and makes esport gaming a very efficient size.

The most interesting in the video, Intel promised to "free" their graphics technology by 2020!

Geforce or Radeon is always a mandatory choice for PC gamers who want to assemble a new computer.

Because all this time, it is only Nvidia as the maker of Geforce and AMD as the makers of Radeon, which controls the PC gaming graphics card market.

Intel graphics card technology has not been able to rival both of them so far. Intel does have excellent power efficiency, unfortunately Intel does not yet have the ability to run AAA games in the present.

With the teaser on Intel's official Twitter, it seems Intel is starting to seriously want to enter the graphics card market which is specifically for PC gaming.

It's just that, recently Nvidia also introduced a new graphics card with the name Nvidia RTX series.

Previously this RTX graphics card was just a mere issue. Apparently, the issue was true and soon Nvidia also released a teaser for Nvidia fans.

Nvidia RTX is claimed to have far better performance, even from the Geforce GTX 1080. If the Geforce GTX 1080 has 2,560 CUDA cores, then one of the RTX series, the RTX 2080 has a CUDA core of 2,944.

Maybe it will be a challenge for Intel who will release the latest graphics cards. Will Intel be a tough competitor, both for Nvidia and AMD in the PC gaming market? We will see later.