FF XV Regressed unique mod for PC

One of the best decisions Square Enix has taken for Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, seems like the right sentence to explain the mod policies they included for this one giant RPG action game. As if understanding that mod can lead to "long breath" for Final Fantasy XV, they even include a separate tool to facilitate the modification process that is desired by gamers, complete with support from Steam as well. Since it was released, several mods have been released, including those that allow gamers to play Lunafreya to Power Rangers. But this time, there is one more that attracts attention.

A mod formulated by modder - Kyriya answered clearly the question of what would have happened if Final Fantasy XV was formulated and released as the first Playstation game. This mod, called the "Regressed XV FF", changed the model of Noctis et al with a rough polygon-based model in the style of the first Playstation games in the past. Not only that, he also made his iconic car - Regalia is now the same "box" vehicle. Those of you who are interested can find Steam Workshop to use it for free.

While on the other hand, Square Enix also comes with good news. They announced that Final Fantasy XV, which is now available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PCs, has sold no less than 7.7 million copies, physically or digitally, worldwide. The numbers are of course, amazing.

What about you, PC gamers who still play FFXV? Are there any mods that you want to recommend to other gamers?