Know your budget when building new gaming computer

For some people, computers become an important thing that must be owned because of its diverse functions. Computers or commonly abbreviated PCs have a lot of functions like typing, editing photos, editing videos, and playing games. However, most people use PCs to play games.

Well, if for the needs of light, you can get a PC with a fairly cheap price but if you want to use a PC as a gaming machine of course you have to spend more.

Actually assemble a PC that many challenges. One is the sometimes unstable price that is currently happening. This is due to the lack of some components causing the price of components to soar.

For now the most rare and expensive component is a computer video card or graphics processing card. Even a few weeks ago the author had around market to look for GTX 1050 IT graphics card and the result is zero. Although there is, the price is far from the normal word.

if you are bothered to assemble a gaming PC in the middle of a rising price, you do not have to bother. Hopefully the tips below can help you.

1. Know Your Budget

The first thing you specify is the budget. If you are born wealthy or have abundant money, of course budget affairs do not matter. But what if you are limited in budget affairs?

If you want to assemble a gaming PC, you should define the budget in advance especially if your budget is very limited. Later, if you have a budget set, then you can choose the components that you will buy.

After determining the budget, it's good you try to simulate to assemble PC first. That means the simulation here is not looking at how to assemble a PC but to see the price of the components that you will buy.

Many apps provide accurate price simulations on Playstore when you use the android platform. Besides the simulation function here is so you guys also determine what type of processor you choose or what type of casing will you choose for your PC gaming later.

After doing the simulation, you must first determine which of the most important components should get the most allocation from your budget. Personal writers always provide more budget allocation to the Power Supply (PSU) component because according to the author, the power supply is the life of the PC itself.

You can use cheap PSU but it can risk to cause your PC is damaged because the power supply given cheap PSU tends to be unstable. Fortunately, nowadays a lot of cheap PSUs but have good quality examples like Enermax NAXN or FSP Hexa. If you have more budget, you can choose PSU Superflower.

In essence, do not just glued out a lot of budget for Processor and the graphics card just for the PC Gaming assemble because many other parts are also needed.

Do not Force

Remember, that to assemble a gaming PC in the middle of an unbelievably expensive price is not forcing. Use your budget as effectively as possible nowadays you guys have a lot of choice of qualified components for gaming.

For example your budget is just enough to buy Intel G4560 and RX 460, do not force to buy the Intel G4560 and GTX 1050 TI. It's okay to do as long as your budget is enough but if you do that at the expense of the budget for the allocation of other parts such as buying intel G series under 4560 juxtaposed with GTX 1050 TI, nope.

Raft PC Components Can Be Upgraded Later

If your budget stuck, try to select components that can be upgraded in the future. For now many components are good prospects for upgrading.

For example, you can first use Bristol bridge processor from AMD with A320 or B350 motherboard. The reason is Bristol bridge has IGP (graphics card) that is already integrated by the processor so you no longer need to buy a VGA Card, especially Bristol bridge has IGP AMD R7 series.

The rest of your initial budget can you tube for upgrades.

Choosing a bristol bridge there is also the reason that the processor is just suport motherboard AM4 where A320 and B350 become champion. AM4 is the same socket for AMD Ryzen processor that is the idol processor PC Gamers today.

AM4 also supports DDR4 RAM so you do not need to replace RAM.

If you have money, you can add a VGA card and replace the processor from Bristol Bridge to Ryzen without replacing the motherboard and RAM.

If your planning is mature, your budget will definitely be allocated properly to assemble a gaming PC.