Geforce GTX 1180Ti leaked information!!

With GTX 11 Series increasingly awaited by gamers with their PC Master Race slogan, not a few who look forward to the official specifications for this Nvidia graphics card. Not long ago, the specifications for GTX 1180Ti are suspected of leaking!

The rapid development of graphics in the modern game makes the graphics card manufacturers to work harder. Not a few of the gamers who want a PC with a better specification to run the game with the best view.

Nvidia as one of the leading graphics card manufacturers have their flagship weapon, GTX 11 series as the latest line after GTX 10 Series. However, Nvidia until now has not provided much information about their latest graphics card.

But quietly, has recently leaked the specifications of the GTX 1180Ti with all its luxuries. With the latest architecture called Turing, this graphics card is guaranteed to provide the most enjoyable game experience even with 4K resolution though!

Using the GT102 GPU, the latest processor embedded by Nvidia presents up to more than ten thousand CUDA cores with power up to 2.5GHz boost clock speed! If this does not surprise you, then you need to look at the amount of memory used. Absolutely, 32GB of GDDR6, and of course this amount can not be considered small.

If you have trouble imagining how strong the GTX 1180Ti is compared to the previous Nvidia line, the 1180Ti has double the specs compared to the GTX Titan V! That's right, twice as powerful as a $ 3,000 graphics card!

Speaking of benchmarks, the results are definitely no doubt! With the maximum graphics settings and 4K resolution, GTX 1180Ti successfully bulldoze many games with framerate above 100fps! Starting from Half-Life 2 to Metro Exodus, it's all blown flat!

Talk about the price, GTX 1180Ti mentioned will be priced at $ 749 when released later. Not quite affordable to be honest, especially considering this is the strongest graphics card for consumers. With the uninterrupted cryptocurrency mining, we can be sure this graphics card will be more expensive.