Samsung U28D590D Review - Affordable Ultra HD Monitor

In this following article we will review the latest Ultra HD (4K) LED monitor from Samsung, U28D590D. For such a large size monitor with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, Samsung is able to offer their products relatively at affordable price. So what will you get with this 4K monitor??, well keep reading...

* Elegant design with T-shaped stand

Samsung U28D590D looks elegant with glossy black bezel. Fortunately, the screen itself is matte so you will not experience annoying glare when using this Samsung LED.

Samsung U28D590D uses unique stand that imitates the "T" letter. Though the stands looks flimsy, it is quite strong to hold the monitor.
Unfortunately, Samsung does not provide this monitor with VESA mounting holes, so obviously, the U28D590D can't be mounted directly on the wall.

* TN panel monitor with good color and fast response time

Interestingly, Samsung uses TN panel for this monitor with 10-bit color capability to produce up to 1 billion colors. Usually, you can only find TN panel monitor with 6-bit color that can produce up to 16.7 million colors. Not only that, with 1 ms response time, Samsung U28D590D is really ideal for gaming. Well, fast response time means, no ghosting or blurring effect that can annoy you when you're playing FPS or racing games.

* JOG Button features

Samsung U28D590D features one unique button called "JOG Button" to operate all functions on the monitor. The operating method of "JOG Button" is very similar to the analog buttons on the joystick. To navigate the settings menu, simply direct the "JOG Button" in the direction of up / down and right / left. Meanwhile, to confirm, simply by pressing the button gently.

The JOG Button features has become one of the advantages of this Samsung LED. Such button can help you operate the monitor easier.

* Color Profile

Samsung U28D590D provides some unique color profile, here they are:

- Samsung Magic Bright

This feature allows users to get the maximum display quality, according to the environment where the monitor is placed.

    Standard: This mode is suitable to use in a room with bright lighting and it's able to produce relatively sharp image quality.
    Cinema: This mode is suitable to use in room with poor lighting or dark. By using this mode, the monitor draws less power and it's also good to reduce symptoms of eyestrain.
    Dynamic Contrast: This mode produces sharper images than the Standard mode.
    Custom: This mode gives freedom to the users to adjust their favorite color settings.

- Samsung Magic Angle

This feature allows users to get the maximum display quality, in accordance with the viewing angle of the LED monitor.

- Game Mode (Off, On, and Always On.)

This color profile is suitable to use when the monitor is connected to either PC desktop, laptop, or video game console. 

- To enjoy the 4K resolutions with 60 Hz refresh rate, you absolutely need to use Display Port connector. If you force using HDMI connector, this monitor can only display 4K resolutions with 30 Hz refresh rate, which is really uncomfortable to see.
- Obviously, you need high end graphics card like GTX Titan series or Radeon R9 290X to enjoy 4K gaming with decent frame rate.
- Alternatively, if you think Samsung U28D590D is too expensive, i recommend you to get BenQ RL2455HM, 1080p gaming monitor with 1 ms response time.

Thanks for reading...