Civilization 6 iPad released like the full version of PC

Sid Meier's latest entry developed by Firaxis Game, Civilization 6 is now available for the iPad platform!

For those of you who do not know, at first publisher 2K Games launched Civilization 6 for Mac and Windows PC platform in October 2016 ago. Later versions of Linux released in February 2017.

The presence of Civilization 6 iPad is the first time in the history of the Civilization franchise for mobile devices.

Players can download Civilization 6 iPad via the App Store at a price of USD29.99  during its launch promotion which ends on 4 January 2018. After that the price of Civilization 6 iPad will return to normal in the range of USD59.99 

For the iPad version, Civilization 6 has been re-developed to support touch control and according to iOS version publisher Aspyr Media, this game will not support the controller.

Here is some information on how the touch controls work in Civilization 6 version of iPad.

    Tap and drag the unit to the desired tile to move and attack
    Press and hold to see tooltips
    Pinch with two fingers to zoom map
    Slide or slide with one finger to navigate the list or folder
    Touch with three fingers can be used to close the menu

To play this game, make sure your iPad still has storage capacity up to 3.14 GB. Civilization 6 iPad requires iOS version at least iOS 11.1.1 and will only run on iPad Air 2, fifth generation iPad (aka model 2017) or iPad Pro.

The first expansion of Civilization 6, Rise and Fall is scheduled for release on February 8, 2018 for the PC platform and at this stage the multiplayer mode in the iPad version reportedly works only on the local network.

In addition there is no clear information whether the game developers will develop a cross-platorm feature that can be played with its PC version.

Porting Civilization 6 on iPad does require developers to remove 3 graphics features due to the hardware limitations of the iPad itself, including Strategic View, Leaders use only static images only, and the visual effects of Wonders construction are minimized.