Dark Souls 3 PC First Person mod

Dark Souls 3 is still a game with a very high level of difficulty. It's been a tradition of Dark Souls to challenge you with lots of obstacles, resulting from small things like falling from a high place or to be burned by dragon breath. However, what if all of these experiences made more personal, the way is shown from a first person perspective or First Person?

The idea is realized by fans of Dark Souls, a modder named Zulliethewitch. Mod that switches the third-person perspective that exist in Dark Souls 3 into First Person, as in FPS games. Previously, this modder also made a similar mod in Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. 

Because of this game is not actually designed to be shown in a first-person perspective, then there are some glitches when played. Disadvantages of the most visible is the glove that floated and not connected with the body of the character. Aside from these shortcomings, the mod is running very well, at the time of running or fighting. Even when fighting this viewpoint makes enemy attacks become more visible and you can more easily determine the timing when attacking.