Outlast 2 demo gaming test review

Outlast is one of the new horror franchise game that can be fairly successful. It borrowed the concept of horror game that is actually not really original, something that is already used by games like Slender Man and Amnesia as it biggest magnet. A horror game where you act as the main character can not resist and had to hide from all threats. Nevertheless, compared with two of the game, Red Barrels successfully execute many other things with more perfectly. The atmosphere, unique gameplay mechanics, unique sound, up to the full content of blood and mutilation were no restraint at all. Within a short time, Outlast grown into a popular horror game series, success in terms of sales, and ended up being the game that continues the anticipated as a sequel. A dream finally fulfilled by Red Barrels through the second series that will be launched next year - Outlast 2.

Through a series of screenshots and debut trailer released to market, Oulast 2 looks meet almost all the things you anticipate from it. The visual quality is increased wrapped with the atmosphere, story, characters, and the "enemy" to be wary of. Unlike the first series in which the main character is trapped in a closed room is decorated corridors with full of corridors, Red Barrels seem to want you inhale little smell of blood in the outdoors with this second series. Everything is accompanied by a slightly dim moonlight and the darkness of the natural gripping on it. So far all this formula successfully for chilling us the creeps.

Now no longer just simply can be sampled via screenshot or trailer, Red Barrels finally released a short demo Oulast 2 for all platforms existing release - Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It may bring minimal content, but it managed to represent the countless attractions from a horror games.

In this second series, at least a little synopsis of the story thrown on the first screen you can taste through the demo, you're going to play as a journalist named Blake Langermann. His job as an investigative reporter took him to a region which is foreign to investigate the murder in isolated village. From stories like this, you can predict the sequel series like what you will get.

From the brief demo that you can accomplish in just 20 minutes, you will meet with gameplay mechanics similar to previous Outlast, without any fundamental change at all. You still will be equipped with a camera that includes Night Vision mode in it to see better in the dark with zoom capability which is quite remarkable to notice an object in the distance. And like the first series, the battery will be the most important resource to ensure that your camera continues to work, especially if you consistently use the existing Night Vision mode.

Almost no significant mechanical changes, because the main character you still can not resist. You still only able to run, hide, and trying not to look at the source of the threat that is likely to end up, be a human being or anything outside of your own. You can hide in a variety of places to outwit them, with mechanical dash to move faster but it takes time off to recover stamina is there.