Quake Champions is exclusive for PC

Hearing a game designed with the PC as a platform for major releases is of course, a rare case you can find today. Despite the popularity of digital platforms like Steam, for example, that have a fan base with millions users, the console market is still be seen as more profitable markets. The result? Apart from the rapid development of technology, game consoles still make the performance as a reference for dispensing their latest games. But this does not apply to the latest FPS games from id Software - Quake Champions.

Announced at E3 2016 event yesterday, Quake Champions became one of the older generation project from Bethesda and another franchise beside Doom and Wolfenstein. Although it does not show a lot of gameplay and only a cinematic trailer, there is a clear attempt to bring back the competitive aura attached to the name of this franchise in the past.  interesting? In contrast to today's latest game releases, Quake Champions will appear as a PC exclusive game.

What is the reason? they are not interested in exploiting the advantages of console market? The creative director - Tim Willits finally spoke in his latest interview with GameSpot. Willits mentioned that PC exclusive release is taken solely to accommodate the framerate gameplay up to 120fps.

Although he admitted that the framerate may not be significant for ordinary gamers, but it is qualified to meet the needs of pro gamers in a gaming tournament. He realized that if the game is losing its pro gamer, he will die just like that.

Because this is the main reason, Quake Champions decided as a PC exclusive game, a platform that has no limits. Unfortunately, there has been no further discussions about exactly when the game will be released.