There is a chance for Tekken 7 to be released for PC

So far PC gamers who love the genre of Fighting can get exited remembering some popular games certainly have or will come to PC. Call it the Mortal Kombat X, Guilty Gear XRD-sign, and Street Fighter V. Even so, there is one title that has always dreamed of by gamers to be able to the PC.

Yes, Tekken 7. Despite many predictions that mentions the game will follow the footsteps of other Namco Bandai games, it still has been no official announcement from the company. But do not worry, because the director, Katsuhiro Harada, opening the possibility of this news be true.

Answer questions from fans via Twitter, Harada said that the gamer questions about the possibility of Tekken 7 is present on the PC always received special attention from him. That is, he never ignores the request.

Harada does not want to explain more about it. But at least the hope that there is still very open. Keep in mind also that the demand for PC gamers to deliver a particular game on that platform often led to success. You may remember about Valkyria Chronicles and Dark Souls. Two titles were sliding on the PC because of the large demand from gamers.

To date, in addition to a new version of the Arcade Tekken 7 certainly be toward to the console, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Namco Bandai has also announced a close cooperation with Sony to throw exclusive content on the Playstation 4, along with the support of Playstation VR.